Hawk Hiil Farm, Dunvegan Ontario
About Hawk Hill Hawk Hill Farm is a dream come true for us.  It is 100 acres in the heart of North Glengarry Township in eastern Ontario.  Being situated on one of the  only hills in this area, we have a panoramic view of the Gatineau Hills in Quebec to the north and on a clear day the Adirondacks of New York to the south east. The Scotch River runs through the back of the property. Our focus at Hawk Hill has always been quality over quantity.  We are dedicated to preserving heritage breeds of livestock and heritage varieties of vegetables and other crops. We sell purebred Tunis and North Country Cheviot breeding stock as well as a Tunis/Cheviot F1 Commercial cross to other shepherds. We have a number of top quality lambs for sale. All our purebred stock are registered, production and genotype tested. We sell Partridge Chantecler chicken hatching eggs and chickens to others that wish to raise this heritage breed. 2016 production is all reserved. We also sell premium Ontario lamb, mutton, chicken and eggs direct to consumers by reservation as farm gate sales.
What’s new at Hawk Hill. It is time to order your lamb and chicken for fall 2016 pickup. Limited amount of hoggett available. See what professional chef Daniel Guerra of Santé Restaurant can do with Hawk Hill mutton shanks. Photo credit: Daniel Guerra We have some top quality breeding stock for sale. Check Our Sheep page for more information. Top genetics, top production.
Preserving Heritage Breeds for the Future
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Dunvegan, Ontario
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Hawk Hill Products: Lamb raised on pasture, hay and local grains from our heritage breed based flock. Sold out for 2015  Order for 2016 See more Hawk Hill Mutton and Hogget :  Hogget is an animal between one and two years of age.  We have not noticed a difference in taste and tenderness but the cuts are larger. We have hogget  for sale now.   Enquire Roasting chicken raised on local grains. Sold out for 2015. Order for 2016 See more Table eggs from our heritage breed chickens are available year round at $4 per dozen.  Our flock is allowed to free range as seasons allow producing a deep yellow yolks and rich flavour.  On farm pick up only. See our other products. Hawk Hill Services: Snow removal. See more. Fecal Egg Testing. Hawk Hill Farm will be organizing producer training workshops on fecal egg testing starting in June 2016.  Add this valuable skill to your parasite management tool kit.  Contact us for more information.  See more
Hawk Hill is licensed to used the Foodland Ontario symbol on its produce.  All lamb and chicken produced are products of Ontario.  All lamb is born and raised here at Hawk Hill.  All meat chickens are hatched in Ontario and raised at Hawk Hill.  All are processed at Ontario provincially inspected processing facilities.
Welcome to Hawk Hill Farm We would like to thank our 2015 chicken and lamb clients. All our 2015 production is either sold or reserved.  It has been a very successful production year and we are pleased to provide our clients with excellent quality meat.
Mutton Shanks prepared by Chef Daniel Guerra Photo by David Blakey
Fraud Alert: It has come to our attention that someone is fraudulently using our farm name and my personal name to advertise jobs.  One such site is Careers in Gulf.com.  We do not advertise positions in this manner nor do we work through a third party for hiring.  This is fraud, do not apply for these jobs nor make payment.  We have reported this fraud to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
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