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We will be closing down our Blog Spot site and moving all the posts to our website. We have copies the posts from the Hawk Hill Happenings Blog Spot. Looking back over those posts I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot.

Hawk Hill Articles:

Over the last several years I have published a number of articles on sheep health, breeding and marketing. To make these articles available to a wider audience I will be making pdf versions available here. It may take me time to post all of them. Beginning Shepherd - A Saga in 10 Lessons Marketing - One Producer’s Perspective Battling the Wolf Within Elementary! My Dear Watson! A Shepherd in Winter Colostrum Testing In Praise of Mutton Why I would love to see an On-Line breed registry Sleepless Shepherd Midnight Musings
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Our Blogger Hawk Hill Happenings site will be closed down soon and copies of all posts will be moved to our website. Over the years I have published articles about sheep health, breeding and marketing. I have decided to post copies of these articles to share to a larger audience. Again these articles will be posted soon.